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The Stet Solution

Our Signature Eight-Session Coaching Program with Alyssa Malin

  • 1 h
  • Virtual

Service Description

For high achieving women, stress, overwhelm, and burnout often become a part of everyday life. For women in law – high achievers by definition – this new normal takes hold early in our careers and sometimes before we’ve even gotten started. It doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, being a lawyer is generally understood to be a stressful occupation. But stress, overwhelm, and burnout are never just about the job or the profession. They are always a symptom of something more deeply rooted. Something that can be fixed Our signature program, The Stet Solution, is the path forward. There are many executive coaching and professional development programs out there that help high achievers overcome the challenges of a demanding career, but these programs leave lawyers feeling misunderstood and frustrated because they fail to address the unique demands of practicing law. The techniques taught just don’t seem to work in the legal setting. This is especially so for female lawyers for whom the challenges of a career in law are even more complex. The Stet Solution is designed for lawyers BY a lawyer. It is designed for YOU. At any stage in your career. This eight-session curriculum and coaching experience developed and led coach Alyssa Malin will show you how to create more of what you want (and less of what you don’t want) in your lawyer life as well as your life outside the office. Working one-on-one with Alyssa through the three transformative phases of the program, you will uncover the deeper cause of your current challenges, unlock long-term solutions, and learn the self-coaching model Alyssa herself uses every day. You will walk away with concrete, life-long tools to coach yourself through any situation, build resilience, and create peace in your life inside and outside the office. Let’s get started! *All applicants must complete a free 30-minute mini coaching session with Alyssa before being accepted into The Stet Solution. *You will be prompted to purchase The Stet Solution when you schedule your first program session. To maintain momentum and keep what you are learning fresh, all eight sessions must be completed within a four month period from the date of purchase. *Many employers offer a subsidy or reimbursement for professional development/wellness programs like The Stet Solution. We encourage you to inquire with your employer.

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