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Our Coach.

Alyssa Malin, J.D.

Inspired by her own experience as an attorney whose life was transformed by coaching, Alyssa became a certified coach, left her job as general counsel to a New York City real estate investment firm, and founded The Stet Collective to help other women in law achieve the same kind of transformation.   


Twenty years of experience spanning all settings of the legal profession have allowed Alyssa to observe the prevailing personal and systemic challenges that lead some women, and particularly women in law, to find their jobs unsustainable. As a J.D. and social scientist with a bachelor's degree in sociology/gender studies and professional coaching certification from a thought leader in the industry, Alyssa’s methodology draws upon her own experience as well as the teachings of cognitive psychology, neuroplasticity, and intersectional feminist theory to help her coaching clients build resilience, make empowered decisions, and lead sustainable, fulfilling lives.

Law firms, law schools, bar associations, and other industry groups engage Alyssa for speaking events, workshops, coaching, and consulting services in their efforts to better prepare, support, retain, and elevate attorneys within their organizations.

Our Clients.

Can you relate?

You're a lawyer. You're a smart, successful, high-achieving woman.

From the outside, it looks like you’ve got it all together. But it's a different story on the inside.


You are overwhelmed. Most days you are working at a crazed pace, but you never seem to accomplish the things you need to get done.


You are stressed-out and anxious. You feel like you are constantly second-guessing yourself, your abilities, and expecting the worst, which leaves you distracted at home, unable to focus in the office, and losing sleep at night.


You are exhausted. It feels like your life has been taken over by work and you have no energy left for anything or anyone else. As if that isn't hard enough, you beat yourself up about it.

You feel stuck. You are in what seems to be an impossible situation. You are proud of all you have achieved, yet you find yourself fantasizing about walking (running?) away on a regular basis. No matter what you do, it feels like you are sacrificing something important.

You knew being a lawyer would be challenging, but you didn’t think it would be like this.

There's got to be a better way, but you don’t know if it is possible without leaving your job or the profession all together.


You don’t know where to start.

Studying at Home

Our Work.

The Stet Collective is a Community for Women in Law.

Our clients come to us for coaching after having pushed aside how they feel for far too long. They’ve changed jobs, gotten promotions, gone in-house, worked harder, worked more, worked less, worked with executive coaches and therapists, taken anxiety meds, sleeping aids, self-medicated, and tried exercise, yoga, meditation, vacation and all the self-help books.  

But those things often don't work for the long-term because they don’t address the real problem.

We think it's our environment - our job, our workload, our boss, our co-workers, our salary, the profession, etc. - making us miserable, but anyone who has "escaped" to a new job or even a new city knows that wherever you go, similar frustrations usually resurface.

Without question, the legal industry must change. Most of us are operating in a system that was designed for men and does not accommodate the realities of women's lives. The way women are conditioned from an early age to diminish themselves and put the needs and opinions of others before their own only compounds the problem. All of this can make change seem like an uphill battle. 

But we are in control of our own discontent, and conversely our own happiness, more than we know. And it starts with learning to manage your mind - adjusting the framework through which we think about ourselves and our world.

This is the work we will do together.

At the Stet Collective we encourage our clients to embrace "stet."  To let it stand.

To stop haphazardly "editing" your life based on disempowering feelings and beliefs. 

You feel stuck, but the truth is you aren't. Our work together will show you why. It will teach you how to immediately feel better and you will learn to take on day-to-day life from a place of strength rather than burnout and last resort. 

Our signature feminist, one-on-one coaching program for lawyers, The Stet Solution with coach Alyssa Malin, will teach you concrete, practical, lifelong skills to overcome your core work/life challenges and be emotionally resilient in any situation.

Our online community for women in law, The Stet Community, will give you access to resources for sustained self-discovery and growth

and a supportive network of women doing the same work along with you.

At The Stet Collective you will find the coaching, resources, and community you need to end burnout, be the master of your ownwell-being, and lead a sustainable and fulfilling life inside and outside the office.

Small Strokes

Our Vision.

First, Ourselves.

Women today have more economic power and social influence than ever before. Women in law are the embodiment of this. Yet, studies show female attorneys are unhappy and leaving their jobs and the profession in record numbers.

Why is this a problem? 

For the legal industry, it's a problem because the industry is losing female talent it has heavily invested in, and whose presence and perspective are both valuable to clients and critical to moving the profession forward.

For women in law, it's a problem because, despite our training, so many of us find ourselves feeling disempowered, stuck, with our lives being guided by overwhelm and stress.

Our mission is to help women in law end burnout, break away from the anxiety and exhaustion ruling their lives, and lead empowered lives driven by reasoning they feel good about.

Change rarely occurs in this world without the critical work of lawyers.


The Stet Collective aims to be part of that change - within the legal industry and beyond - by helping women in law first create change for thems​elves.

Brush Stroke

The Stet Collective

Coaching & Community for Women in Law

We help women in law overcome burnout, break away from stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion, and lead empowered lives driven by reasoning they feel good about.

At the Stet Collective, you will find the coaching, resources, and network of support you need to overcome all the things leaving you tired and feeling stuck - overwhelm, worry, guilt, procrastination, perfectionism, people-pleasing, self-doubt - and the many other work/life challenges common for female attorneys.


Here, you will learn the skills to navigate your career and your life with confidence, clarity, and resilience no matter where the journey takes you.

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