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Welcome to The Stet Collective

Coaching & Community for Women in Law

We help women in law overcome burnout, break away from stress, overwhelm, and exhaustion, and lead empowered lives driven by reasoning they feel good about.

At the Stet Collective, you will find the coaching, resources, and network of support you need to overcome all the things leaving you tired and feeling stuck - overwhelm, worry, guilt, procrastination, perfectionism, people-pleasing, self-doubt - and the many other work/life challenges common for female attorneys.


Here, you will learn the skills to navigate your career and your life with confidence, clarity, and resilience no matter where the journey takes you.

Our Coach.

Alyssa Malin, J.D.

Inspired by her own experience as an attorney whose life was transformed by coaching, Alyssa became a certified coach, left her job as General Counsel to a New York City real estate investment firm, and founded The Stet Collective to help other attorneys achieve the same kind of transformation.   


Twenty years of experience spanning all settings of the legal profession have allowed Alyssa to observe the prevailing thought patterns and social constructs that lead some women, and particularly women in law, to find their jobs unsustainable. As a J.D. with a bachelor's degree in sociology/gender studies and coach certification from a thought leader in coach training programs, Alyssa’s methodology draws upon her own experience as well as the teachings of cognitive psychology, neuroplasticity, and feminist theory to help her clients build resilience, make empowered decisions, and go on to lead sustainable, fulfilling lives.